Monday, April 2, 2012

Once upon a Wedding

Sometimes, you try your very best to write your own love/life story, then things don't conform to your ways. You get so heartbroken not realizing that you have fallen to the very pit that you set up yourself. You don't really have to strive so hard to make things work on your own because reality is, you can't. You're not God. You don't see or have the master plan. Only God has the blueprint of your entire existence and being. So, give it up and give him the pen. Let things fall as HE planned, not as what you planned. And remember, when you fall, no one else could ever be more willing to take you back that He does. With arms wide open, passion in his eyes, He will run to where you are. On you knees and face fell to the ground he will carry you and wipe away every single tear.

That's just a piece of advise to all who are broken hearted out there. And to my one of girlfriends, who is undergoing through such a painful process right now. My heart goes out to you.

How does this relate to my title? Well, last month, I joined a wedding. And I can see tears in the eyes of the bride and his uncle who gracefully walked her down the aisle. On the other end of the white carpet was the groom, standing with a anticipation and excitement. The walk was very breath-talking and surreal for the bride and the tears she cried are tears of joy, I can tell. The couple to be wed are made for each other. And it was at that moment, I realized how God is has and is still writing their love story as their eyes when they brought together at the altar were emanating how much affection they have for each other.

And I thought: "What a beautiful day and opportunity it was for me to witness that blessed moment of two hearts becoming one!" How I wish for a God-written love story so that my future wedding will be as love and joy filled as theirs.

mom and her friends

my Parents

The pretty maids

I was fortunate enough to have a long range lens with me. Bride's first set-foot
out of the cabin where she got dressed.

Making her way to her man with her Uncle.

Just so happy.

Finally, hand in hand and side by side.

Her elegant gown is simple yet so captivating.

When the ceremony was dismissed some started blowing bubbles (kisses).

Our Family with our adopted sister, ate Joy.

I really wanted a picture with the bride, that night I was so star-strucked
by her.

Pretty Mom with the dashing bride and cute flower girl

Now, it's outfit time. 
What I wore: Nude pink gown from Dillards, Stud Earrings from F21, Stacked bracelets from Dad's closet and Burlington coat factory, gold necklace with ruby stones from Aunt Digna, Blue suede platform leather pumps by Steve Madden from Dillards,  black Liz Claiborne clutch from AR's mom

Hype this look HERE. Show me some l<3ve.

Hype and some LOVE here.

My fashionable sisters are also looking fine. :)

Karla's outfit. She is so dalaga now. 

My favorite photo of her.

Hope you enjoyed reading. 

Have faith,
KAT <3