Friday, June 29, 2012

going sheer

It is definitely hot, hot, hot these days as summer has already come our way. So, fashionistas, we have to learn how to work our way around this weather in order to stay in style and be ourselves.

Well, good news!!! I think I have found a solution to that. SHEER blouses.

First off, sheer blouses are very trendy right now, you see them from any fashion store out there with a variety of colors to choose from. Secondly, since they're sheer, they can be sleeveless, long-sleeved or short-sleeved (nope, sheer tube tops are not stylish) and still be very summer appropriate because the material is "breathable." Last but not the least, they can be added to every girl's staple-pieces-list just because most the styles and silhouettes are really chic and classical, plus you can easily transform them from casual to semi-formal to even formal.

So, here's my concept outfit...

Sheer top, $3.50 Runway fashion;
high-waisted shorts $5, local thrift store,
black pumps, a.n.a. (sister's closet); teal
clutch (sister's gift); accessories (made by sister)

  ...And here's how I styled them.


Hype this look here: going sheer.

As I have said in my previous blog, I have a collaboration with Runway Fashion Exchange of Lubbock. Once a week, I will post outfits that showcases what the store sells to give you a general idea of the great clothes they have in stock in very very very affordable prices

To top it all off, if you follow my blog weekly, you get $2 off (goes a long way at Runway Fashion Exchange) your entire purchase just by mentioning the two key words featured at the end of every blog. Isn't that awesome?! So what are you guys waiting for?

Always remember, fashion is not about how much but how well you carry--the clothes, shoes and accessories you wear--yourself!

always HAVE FAITH,
<3 Kat

This week's two key words are: 
pink ponytail
(mention these two words at the register before next 
Saturday, July 7th, 2012  for an INSTANT TWO dollars OFF! 
**valid at Lubbock location only)  

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Surprise!! Surprise!!

Just a teaser, I am working on a collaboration, if you will, with Lubbock's Runway Fashion Exchange. So, if you're in the Lubbock, South Plains, Texas, or anywhere in the world, follow and stay-tuned to my upcoming blogs for fashion ideas of how you can turn somebody else's trash trinkets to your very own treasures.

You know in today's day and time, we have to learn how to become environmentalists. And one easy, fun and creative way of doing that is by recycling...CLOTHES! The concept of a fashion exchange achieves just that. You'll be surprised of how somebody else's passes are the very pieces you've been adding to your wish-list, and vice-versa. In addition to that, they are sold at rock-bottom prices.

So, don't pass this opportunity! Let's all make this world a more beautiful and fashionable place to live in!