Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hint of Red on V-day

So many roses and chocolates and date stories are seen and heard today--2/14/12. As for me, I spent it with people I definitely treasure. It's not like most people wherein they go out to dinner with their love one, I actually spent it with love ones at a church event. We watched a movie--COURAGEOUS. And I highly recommend it to anybody, everybody. 

Again, no red dress. But I did wear a red belt, so just a hint on valentines day. As you all know, this year I wanted to be all lady-like throughout the events that I am attending pertaining to valentines. Thus, the sweetheart necklines (as opposed to red dresses). Pa-sweet effect talaga ang drama ko this year, sweet na heart pa, san ka pa diba?  :)
what i wore:
nude cardigan with sheer back - f/ RUE21
big floral print dress with sweetheart neckline - gift from Krisgel
Vintage nude suede kitten heels - f/ vintage store
black Giani Bini bag (usual/current purse)- f/ Dillards
Accesories: silver charm baracelet w/ my name on it
(f/ A.R.); gold watch; cross ring with crystals (F21);
crystal snowflake choker (resale store); 
Black bow dangling earrings

hype this look!!!! 

yes, i have a sticker on my face.
fave pose of the night.
I wish you can tell how the back of the cardigan is really sheer, which shows a
hint of sexiness as well.

Our own IMAX. In all fairness, ang ganda ng sounds namin.
More movie nights poix!
Mama and tatay
With our Pastor 
Favorite people.
An Origami letter I received a while back from AR,
it makes me realize the effort he has done, which
really matters most.
The best things in life are not that expensive, only extravagant...ACTS
of AFFECTION. My flowers and card for today.

In lieu of happy hearts' day, my heart is happy with this guy. Too bad we only had one
picture for tonight.  

I wish I could say more. But I should be sleeping by now. I feel pretty tonight, not because our Pastor generously complimented at me so, but because I feel loved. 

More to come. ~HFK <3

Monday, February 13, 2012

thought of the day 1/365

He has lifted the burden of our sins; will He not lift the weight of our sorrows? We have trusted Him with our eternal souls; can we not entrust our present circumstances to Him? “Cast your burden on the Lord, and He shall sustain you” (Psalm 55:22).

Because God cares about us, we can leave our cares with Him.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Snowy Sunday

Every sunday, I always dress up best. By that, I mean: I have to look put together, no room for lazy sundays. I think it's just right because, in my opinion, when we worship it should show even in the way we dress--sunday's best. I am not going to preach. It's just something that I feel strongly about.

Anyway, it was surprisingly snowing today. And not just for a few hours but for the entire day. So here's
what I wore:
hang ten aztech print tunic with stud detailing 
max azria black cardigan blazer
delia's black pea coat
george black opaque tights
soda platform wedges with stud detailing
Accesories:  black Bow earrings, charm bracelet
from AR, silver watch, NYX Louisiana lipstick

Hype this look here.

I think they're a good six inch of height.

I always wear this coat to keep me warm which is very important if it's freezing outside. Yes, it's black that's why I opted for a printed tunic and kept the other pieces black to stay chic--which is basically a formal color. I wanted to keep everything church appropriate as it is to the weather. And not a fashion show type of wear. This look just reminds me of what European women would put together during colder days.

More to come.~HFK<3

Pag-ibig | Valentines

I have been told that Valentines originated from a pagan practice. But for me, it's just a term for celebrating love in a tangible way, although love should be celebrated everyday. Last Friday, we (CUE 518 [our music team])) had the opportunity to share our talents to the Fil-Am community here in Lubbock, as we were requested to render a couple of love song performances. The main song was Yeng Constantino's "Pag-ibig." I'll link a video below for those who do not know what I'm talking about. It's a cute yet meaningful song, perfect for what I'm currently feeling about my love life.

Based on my own opinion, occasions like these call for a really sweet and girly look. So here's 
what I wore:
Jewelries: Pink button earrings (thrifted),
Floral bib neckace (JCPenney), 
Bangles (thrifted and Walmart),
Ring (F21)
Dress: Pink, floral, sweetheart neckline dress, with tulle
demi peticoat detailing(American Eagle)
Accesories: Muted Orange belt (thrifted), Cyan purse with gold embelishments (from Krisha's closet),
Fuchsia Barbie pumps by Anne Michelle (BCF,
NYX Lipstick in Louisiana (ULTA)

Hype this look HERE, show me some love.
First ever duet we had, singing "missing you like crazy."
Another first. Kyrvin's first (and not the last) jam with us.
The team minus the other girls.
Singing to "When you say nothing at all."
I wore my burgundy blazer with the whole
outfit to keep me warm when i step outside.
Meet my "pogi" daw valentino.
Obligatory couple shot 1
I asked my adopted sister, Glyden, to
take a fashion shot of me for my lookbook
then he ran into the picture. It ended up
as a candid yet cute shot. Obligatory
couple shot 2
Mug shot daw ng mga boys. Kayo na ang COOL.haha
Charing photo naman. LOL. mga CUTE 518.
Hindi naman talaga ako model, fashionista lang.
I'm not always poise and prim...
...I have to actually pose and make an effort for it.
Our lovely friends, who happen to be awesome dancers. You know, we're not
that talented. haha. Check them out on youtube.
Me and my sisters
RED on valentines, for me, is so cliche but by all means wear red if it pleases you and your significant other. As for me, I prefer pink or any light colors. Plus full skirts and sweetheart necklines, or anything frilly and ladylike. If you're wondering about my hair, it's inspired by a look that Judy by Itsjudytime (on youtube) did because as you all can see I have (full) bangs now. And the usual down-do, curled hair seems too overwhelming. Almost covering the beauty of the face and even the outfit out. 

One more thing, my best tip for valentines would be to ask or try to figure out what your partner wants to see you dressed in and how your hair is fixed. The other day, AR and I went to the mall and we saw this dress at Forever 21. And he actually told me he likes to see me more often in that kind of dress. Furthermore, he went on to say, that he likes it if I pulled my hair in an up-do and if i just wore plain shirts instead of colorful, printed ones. So, the next day, I bought the dress in the exact color that he likes, even if I wanted it in a different color. And I'm wearing it on our date next week, so wait for the pictures guys. I was told by one of our Kuyas sometime ago, that if I was going to put make-up on or dress up, I have to do so for the guy that I love and not for other guys, or even girls. I mean, think about it, if you think that thought is too outre then consider the fact that all throughout the year, you dress however you want, so let valentines be what he/she wants.

Let me know your valentines went. More to come. ~HFK<3

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bumming around

For most of us, we do not have fancy meetings to go to. We are not professional "kikays," but we would like to embody a good sense of style in our day to day, mundane activities. However, it is also perefctly understandable that most of us, are just lounging around because we are jobless and soul-searching (like me) or because we are busy and dedicated students. Therefore, there is no reason, really, to get all dolled up. This is how I felt the other day. Although we are all entitled to how we want to dress, regardless of what and where we're going, there are just days when we are bumming around--you know, those lazy days. In the past week, the temperature have just been dropping here in Lubbock. It's like winter had just arrived, and spring had just gone by. Weird.

The other day, it rained. Something that doesn't happen very often in our place. I was thankful but it was cold.

what i wore:
stud earings - f21
handkerchief scarf - goodwill
 blue violet knit long sleeves - salvation army
silver watch
extra long cardigan - trend me
black jeggings with sipper detailing - f21
black socks - dad's closet
black wedges - shoe carnival

I've always known and thought that I couldn't wear extra long cardigans due to the fact that I'm short (5 flat lang po). Until I decided to just wear it anyway. There is something about leather jackets and pea coats that makes me feel so formal. And since I really felt like just wearing more relaxed yet bundled up clothes that day. I decided to keep them in the realm of knits and cottons. To counter off the height issue, I had to wear platforms or heels of some sort, but I did not dare to strut the Litas that day, so opted for wedges and just wore the same color of trouser socks underneath (from dad's closet) in order to keep my pedis warm. And there ya go, a trick to have instant booties. In fairness to an experimental, I-could-only-careless outfit, it served it's purpose--to keep me warm yet still stylish.

more to come. ~HFK <3

Job hunt

So, a week ago, I went on a job hunt. I sent out two applications in one day. My dad informed me that people with a degree in Biology are on the top 6% of the country's employed. Unfortunately, to this day, I am unemployed which makes blogging, lookbooking, lounging and ,just basically, bumming around hard sometimes. I always carry the guilt that I haven't fully brought the bacon back to my parents, as if suffering the tormenting science courses in four long years has not been enough. But part of me still enjoys the sabbatical time.

This look has been posted in lookbook. But here are more photos I couldn't put to waste.

what I wore:
sunglasses - DILLARDS
Shell earing - Krisha's gift
wooden dove and flower semi choker necklace - F21
floral printed navy blue button down shirt - Rainbow
Burgundy blazer - Bloom
Weave strapped watch - Target (Mossimo)
Gianni Bini Black purse - Dillards
Distressed jeans - F21
Black Missoni 80's pumps - Target
metal flower ring - tiangge (f/ the Philippines)

Who says you have to be boring once you are obliged to enter the adult world? The red blazer still screams professional but it gives you character. Try using blazers/dress shirts that are beyond the hues of black, grey and white. Now, I know the distressed jeans are unprofessional, but for me, I was just filling out applications, and I did not want to intimidate my future employers by dressing up too much, especially if they are fashionably rocking scrub suits. Plus, again, it gives me character--something to be remembered by.

More to come. ~HFK <3

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Girly look, bodycon skirts, outfit of the day and etc.

Forgive me once again. But I have been trying to keep my life and plans intact for the past week, the reason why I went on a blog fasting. Now I'm back with photos of outfits to share and what I think about them.

Personally, I think I've mastered the art of the "girly" look--you know the full skirt, tucked in top with a cardigan and very ladylike shoes. It's probably my go to outfit when I don't want to experiment, my lazy day get-up.
What I wore to church last sunday, inspired by pastel colors and the upcoming spring season.
Ali's Camaro-- he didn't know we were using it as a prop.
floral Eddie Bauer cardigan (big flowers) over tiny printed floral top/tunic from F21,
Round pleated silk skirt from F21, vintage sling, muted.nude pink shoes from Rouge

 Lately I've also been wearing bodycon skirts a lot, with loose/flowy tops. I just feel like they keep you so chic and subtly sexy without over-showing skin, yet laid back but still put together. They're just so versatile that you can either dress them up or down just by changing the shoes, and top (if needed). So "anne curtis-ish" type of style. And it has been warm last week so I wore them a lot. Plus, now, they have them in stripes, patterned or just plain.
I actually wore the scarf as a headband earlier for
a BOHO look. Stiped bodycon skirt from

I did not have a colored outfit of the day picture that day. Plain cobalt skirt from F21. 
Another print on print. And my most worn/recent
fave bodycon skirt from Blooms. It has a discrete
aztech print going on.
 Wednesdays are wednesdates for me. Below are my photos of what I wore to lunch and errands with boyfie today. He told me that he likes it if I pull my hair up, wear a plain yet eye-catching shirt, accessorized less, and wore flats. The jacket I wore here is one his fave piece that I own, but i rarely wear. I think he kinda likes simple but edgy look. I guess, less is more. And I've been told that I should just keep it simple because it brings out the real beauty in me. *blushes*

My sister's idea to use my dad's new car as a prop.
Just a simple watch from Anne Klein and current fave sling
from Talbots.
The muted pink boots are compromise for less accessories.
I also wore a silver beaded bracelet with my name on it from AR and a
choker with rhinestones that I found at a local thrift store.
Happy? They say, you have to only try to look good to please your
partner and not any other guy. Hence..

With much love, and more to come ~~HFK <3