Friday, August 10, 2012


     Last week, I decided to intentionally take pictures of my sister under natural light because....Do I need a reason? I just felt like it, say I was in the zone. I got inspired, and I wanted to experiment a little bit with natural light, distance and elements, although I think we've only caught a little bit of sunshine this time. But Oh well! Here are the pics! 

Test shot: SUCCESS. I didn't mind the bluer
appearance. I love colors.
Depth of field and lines
Props, expression and depth of field
sun light is a photographer's and a model's
greatest friend. :)
Vibrant background
a vibrant personality that matches the vibrant
light as the background, to create a softer effect
and visible silhouettes
Just purely raw.
An out of focus picture that works.
I call this photo: "The girl with the golden hair."

Sorry for the noise. :(
light as the background, to create a softer effect
and visible silhouettes
light as the background, to create a softer effect
and visible silhouettes
Low-angle shot, and facing the source of light
Outfit shot, of course!
Accessories shot
A high-angle shot. Btw, the grass felt like carpet.

Exposure and shadows. What I'm trying to achieve
with this and the few next shots is the bokeh effect
of the background. This is a low-angle shot.
Exposure, contrast and colors
Exposure, contrast and colors
Exposure and colors
Exposure and colors 
The sun was already down, I had to
adjust the exposure and take
away some shadows off here face.
I haven't figured this kind of
lighting yet.
The moon peaks and the waters reflect the trees
Enlarged: my favorite photo of this set. :)
(low-angle and depth of field, manually adjusted the setting on the camera,
totally unedited)

Just for laughs/outtakes :D

She actually thought this was a good pose.

A stole shot. Used a twig I picked up to imitate
a bird's eye view.

Not quite a smile eh?

She got tired already and gave a goofy face.

Her idea, she said it the "aspiring Olympian" pose.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Back to School

I can, probably, say that this is the last hurrah of summer. Well, maybe not. I've just put together an outfit that I think is perfect for the back to school season. It's innovative and still screams summer fun. But most of all, it's dress code proof.

So I put together a tube-top royal blue romper from Forever21, then added a sheer striped 
sleeveless blouse from Runway Fashion Exchange for that extra umf. For the first few days, you can get away with carrying a handbag and looking all chic. This MK Hamiltonlarge tote is large enough to carry a binder, a pencil case, an iPad and all other trinkets that a girl may need on a school day. For the shoes, this pair of Steve Madden cow skin flats are comfortable enough to take you from one class to another without sacrificing sense of style. And last but not the least, as you may have noticed, I just wore very minimal accessories: MK oversized chronograph watch in gold
 (too keep track of time), a class ring (that I got for my birthday and I promised my parents to wear every day), and a pair of Ray-Ban sunnies to protect my eyes from the summer-fall sunlight.

** To view how my class ring looks like click HERE! I am so proud of this because this is a symbol of my parents' sacrifices and hard work to send me to college here in the United States of America.**

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For a late afternoon tea party or dinner date, I just switched up the shoes to give it a more dressed up look. Sometimes, your girlfriends or boyfriend still want to hang out in the remaining days of summer. And if you have a full-day of classes you would rather catch a little shut-eye than retouch your make-up or completely change your outfit. So, this outfit is double, if not multi, purpose. 

The shoes are Giani Bini-Dillard's. I super love these shoes. They're so comfy, perfect for walking around and the design I found very arts with all the cork and paint spills.

Photo blog starts here (again)!

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Always Have Faith,
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