Thursday, January 26, 2012

Armnaments and TB test

My favorite stackable baracelets, it started with 5 then now there's just plenty of them. I go to this local thrift store every once in a while and I don't know what it is but I always seem to find these type wooden/beaded bracelets. And ever since I've been into layering accessories. My very first attempts were started off with these pieces since they're not too overpowering and intimidating. Therefore, they have become my faves. I wonder who owns these? Or do they belong to one person? Hmmm? And yes, that it a hair tie right there.

I never thought I would wear this year so much. I just bought it because I saw it on a F21 counter while I was checking out. But this ring seems to give your outfit a fresh look, specially when you're all bundled up in black/whites/neutral because you're trying to keep warm from a cold, windy weather. I think because it looks like one fancy hard candy, sometimes I just want to chew on it. Just kidding! In fashion, we just have to be open-minded and adventurous, then we're up for more surprises. We just have to invest in a good amount of self-confidence and self-expression.

Speaking of arm, I took a TB test yesterday. No, I am not sick. I needed it because I'm going to start volunteering for Ronald McDonald's next Monday and they require a current test. And it's starting to itch, I am so tempted to scratch it as that is one of my bad habits. But I'm fighting it. I think if it turns red you're negative. yeah?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

MY Hair Story and tidbits

Oh noes! Ang laki ng ilong ko sa first pic. Anyway, so here's my hair after two nights of braiding. Nope, it hasn't grown yet. I figured I should take a photo of before and after a month. So this photo will be the before shot!

 It's gotten longer from when I got it trimmed by 1/2 inch approximately two weeks ago. I can tell because as you can see I can already clip away my full bangs or wear it sideways. Good news is, after the two nights of braiding it, I feel like my hair texture has improved. 

So my hair story goes this way: I used to have nice straight hair that waves at the bottom effortlessly until I decided to cut it short when the "bob" was back in style. I pretty much wore it like that for two years because I can't seem to grow it the way it used to anymore. I don't know why. So then, last 2008, I went for my first vacay to the Philippines since we migrated to the States. And I decided to have my hair "rebonded" (or straight perm). It wasn't a big deal because a lot of people had done it--mom, cousins, friends, tita, etc.--and it looked really nice, shiny and straight without ever using a flat iron or blower to it. However, mine wasn't nice, shiny and straight. My hair became so brittle and rough and despicable. I was so devastated that I definitely regret that trip to the salon. It wasn't David's Salon but it was a trusted salon by many people I knew, I included when we're still living in the Philippines. It was even my former hair dresser who did my hair. From then on, I have been trying to restore my hair. I bought extra virgin coconut oil, hair masks and spas, raved-about conditioners, etc. None really worked at that time, maybe the medicine was too strong and I had to deal with it for a year or so, which is the average time you need to get your hair re-rebonded again. I did not ever go back to that salon, sad to say. And I've also noticed that my hair doesn't grow as quickly as it used to after that event. 

To this day, I still feel the aftermath of that one terrifying parlor appointment. And I am still struggling to grow my hair. Sometimes, because I think that my hair has been abused already that I have the license to mistreat it. There were times when I just straighten or curl it every day, of course I used a protectant but still unhealthy. Right? After my very recent haircut, I said to myself to just try to take care of my hair again. My sister always keep reprimanding me about adding damage to it. And I would get offended, but this time I want to take it constructively. In addition to that, I've also been very careful of what I use on my face everyday, trying to wear less or no make-up at all. And the picture above is a testament to that, no make-up and natural hair. It's not that bad, right? I mean I have imperfections but I can embrace it and try to eliminate it in organic ways that will be most beneficial to me in the long run. Beauty, as they say, after all, is in the eye of the beholder.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Job hunt and style board

Today, AR and I had a great, heart-to-heart, serious talk over chinese buffet, then he accompanied me to a job hunting escapade. Full of apprehension for I really did not know if it's just like in the Philippines: you walk in and inquire if there's an opening. I took chances. At first, I felt like I was going to embarrass myself but not after the first stop. We went to a few labs. I filled one application out. The other one said the position I was looking for was already filled. And another one said I can file an online application and they will contact me when a spot opens. (Lord, ano ba talaga?) 
If Sammy Davis has a "mood board," I have an "inspiration sheet?" I don't know. But I'm actually thinking of starting a new "thing" such as taking photos of clothes that I will soon be styling--such as above--pre-Lookbook. This will keep me inspired, motivated and creative. I'm not materialistic by any means. As a matter of fact, I'm a bargain shopper most, if not all, of the time because I don't think you have to always spend a lot in order to look good or presentable. You just have to express yourself and be creative, most of all be NEAT and CLEAN. For times like these, I just need to keep my mind going in order for my brain cells to not hibernate. I've always believe that an artistic mind is an explorative mind, therefore, it is always coming up with great ideas.
Karla on the left and Me on the right--doing our TaeBo
In lieu of inspiration, motivation and creativity, my sisters and I have this one-month-goal: to get back in shape. Krisha and I have this no meat (except seafood) challenge for a month~let's see how far we get. Karla and I started working out again. After a month we'll see if we've succeeded or not.
As the Bible says, "an idle mind is the devil's playground."
So keep those neurons workin'.

Longer Hair- hurry. here. fast.

Thank God for all the free YouTube tutorials that can truly help a lot of us both men and women in different aspects of life. (haha. but seriously!) I was once told that taking vitamins, combing your hair a hundred times, using certain oils, etc. will hurry the growth of your hair. But I've never actually thought that braiding your hair at night while you sleep will help, too! So, I'm trying out this trick. The principle behind it is not some-kind-of whimsical tale, it's simply to protect your hair from damages (i.e. twists and breakage) as you're off to lalaland and you're turning and tumbling, or who knows what you're up and about while in bed snoozing. Try it too!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Super Bowl

The hallmarks of my weekend: few good realizations and the learning of the sport, bowling. This blog shouldn't be lengthy. First off, I was contemplating a lot about my future plans and deadlines I need to meet. There's this stubbornness in me, most of the time, that I just keep putting things a la manana. I don't know. I'm a walking delaying tactic, for things that seem too big of a task, for me. You know, I dream and dream and dream a lot, but no action towards that dream. And then, last night it came to me:  set things in (better) perspective. This is your life: are you who you want to be? Hence, I'm going to work on this, seriously. (Pray, for me, I really need it.) My friends, tell me to relax. In all honesty, I have been, and I need to get things moving. In this fast-paced life, you have to catch up with time. Though sometimes, I hope that time will slow down, but not here in America. All I know is, with God's help and guidance, I will do what I can and he will take care of the rest. After all, dreams are meant to be goals and inspiration that you have to pursue. They won't magically happen by themselves. For now, I will carry on with my to-do list, as mentioned in my earlier post. But if the winds shift and He has other plans for me, I will gladly accept it, as long as the go signal is from Him. I'm not trying to be corny here, but I have very strong feelings and views towards my faith--coz when all else fail, that's all I have, my God. So I might not be able to blog everyday, but it's okay, I can always do it the old-fashioned way: pen and paper. I mean, the point of me blogging is to speak my mind, and there are several ways to do that. At this point, my focus is: to keep busy.

On the lighter note, last Saturday, we had a family bowling fest for church. And it was fun!!! I mean it. I have always found bowling "boring" because I could not play the game. So whenever friends decide to go bowl, I just play for the sake of playing but I never really enjoyed the experience. However, last weekend was different. To make the long story short, I discovered that it was my footwork that was incorrect--when I changed it, made a world of difference for me. Thanks to my dad, love you! We played for 3 hours straight, my right-hand/back was sore already, and we didn't even notice the time.

In totality, this weekend was the bomb for me: super BOWL thoughts and super BOWL fun!

Sporting the collar I revamped to a necklace
Thanks claire for the sporty watch, perfect for the occasion,
and Tita Te (Ar's mom) for the dainty and edgy clutch
that's perfect for the outfit.
What I wore last saturday to bowling: minus the heels,
the collar and the clutch. I wore my gold TOMS and my
current fave all-around purse by Giani Bini.
Sisters (Karla and Krisha) and AR
These are 5 havles? LOL
The sixes were smaller, but we dealt with it.
Action Scene: everyone's so into it. Love it! 
Oha! :D

Caught in the ACT

Once again, I was caught in the act wearing fab shoes while blog
. I can't help but just dream to be tall. That's maybe why lately
I've been buying more shoes with height. I was never a heels person,
they intimidate me. But now, I'm growing up and I feel it's time to represent
myself maturely yet still in style. ~HFK

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Print on Print

Print on print. Today, we (Krisha, Karla and I) went to Walmart for dogfood and notebooks. But we ended up shopping for more food for our hungry stomachs under our parents' tab (sorry, Ma and Tay). I guess we were all contemplating about food so much that even a box of cereal sounded so appealing, which is why we thought we needed two boxes. OOPS! Shopping with an empty stomach = bad idea!
This could be a good metaphor for the fashion trend print on print. I will expound below.

Supposedly a candid shot (ehehehh). Karla was looking at the
camera. Thus, the blurred chinky face.
Pose by the dog food. While Krisha looks for a notebook. Yeah, we
totally forgot about it because we were so enthusiastic about food
She always gets HOT CHEETOS, it's her fave.

Stripes and Zig-zags

Print on Print. Makes your outfit speak for itself. It used to be a fashion crime but not it screams fun with a little bit of mystery. When the print of your top is not enough, let the bottom speak up. Just like when we came for one thing (in the grocery store) but ended with all other things, same with print over print--you mean one thing but others may interpret a whole new story. It may be a good thing or bad, but you definitely made that impression. And as they all say, you need not to explain to people who know and love you well. ~HFK

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I was going to take a rain check on blogging today due to an anticipated heartbreak (once again, I won't be spilling the beans). 

You know how sometimes life catches you off guard, I really wasn't off guard, but there are still some things out there that will just cheer you up no matter how down you are. For me, I have been harnessing my unfortunate emotions towards things that inspire me both now--such as fashion and music--and for the future--my own future, for myself not for anyone or with anyone else. Call me selfish but I think it's about that time that I see myself as an individual not accountable for anyone else but for my own. What set the limits for me, really, are people around. I have grown up to be such a people pleaser and always find myself being frustrated because I did not end up happy even when everybody else did. I have been selfless, maybe too much. I don't want to be arrogant or rude to the people that I love for making this choice, but I want to enjoy life for once. Like what has been said, you cannot give what you do not have. So, in this phase of my life, I want to do just that. No offense meant to anyone. Of course, with limitations from parents' instructions and with guidance from God. All I'm asking is the freedom to learn from my mistakes, to discover new things further from the horizon that my parents have marked, to go places I've only dreamt of treading--just simply freedom to my own. I want to fulfill and unfold each dream and aspiration one layer at a time. After all, being ambitious is a trait I got from my Father. 
A man without ambition is dead.- Pearl Bailey

Speaking of layers, today's inspiration is just that. Layering, not clothes, jewelry

layering-necklaces: happiness from F21; two-tiered necklace
f/ F21; and charm necklace made by Yours Truly
Layering-bracelets: bangle (gift);
beaded and yarn with a heartpendant (thrifted);
 pandora-like (gift); multi-colored yarn (tiangge)
Layering-rings: Cross (unisilver); metal flower
(market in the Philippines);
Owl (F21); dolphin and chain (unisilver)

Annie said, "You're never fully dressed without a smile." I could not help but agree to that. Yet there are days when it's hard to smile, so accessorize
*tip: Say you don't want to to be too overdressed yet you still want to look fashionable and put together, bring a kikay bag of accessories just in case of fashion emergencies, and stow it inside your current purse for convenience. O diba? So that next time you find yourself in an underdressed situation (tapos all the other girls are more bongga than you are), you can just pull that kikay bag out and check what you can add to level-up your outfit. ~HFK

Monday, January 16, 2012

Pat on the Back

In my previous entry, I talked about giving myself a Pat on the Back. Well, someone else
did. Ang dami kong cheesecake, ang dami ko ding ngiti, been wanting a slice since yesterday.
Thank you AR! :)


I had another insomniac night last night. I was chatting with a friend, getting informed about "missions." And I was on the keys, trying to come up with a song--so far all I have is the chord progression. I really want to write another song that will inspire me to sing again. I mean, I'm still singing but I feel like I need to set myself on fire again. So, I'm praying that God will give me a new, sweeter song to sing.

In effect of going to bed early, as in early morning, I woke up late--totally unproductive. So today, was yet another tambay day for me. I'm really desperate for a job these days because I was also online earlier today processing my exit loan papers, which means I need to be paying those off soon. Not really, my parents are. But I just wanna feel like I'm of use, and not just nagpapakasarap at walang ginagawa. So that, they'll not regret sending me to a good university. Or maybe, I'm just like my dad, I can't be not doing anything, I need to always be on the go, go, go. Anyways...

Since Mama was also off from work today, we decided to get ourselves froyo (she got a Mc Frappe from McDonald's--her fave).  Karla's not feeling too well, so she decided to stay home.

                                                   My froyo                                         Krisha's froyo

Then we did a little window shopping--a little bit can go a long way sometimes. That being said, Krisha brought a new pair of Madden wedges. I, on the other hand, have succeeded in retail starvation--I said "NO" to a pair of black pumps with oversized bows on the toe caps (haay!!). It was so hard because it was totally classy, and I happen to not own a pair of black pumps anymore. But I'm giving myself a pat on the back for not giving in. (yay, me!)

what Krisha wore (f/ top to bottom): F21 necklaces,
thrifted striped top, silver men's watch from walmart,
gaga ring from F21, nude pink leather jacket from Dillards,
Giani Bini purse, F21 jeans, canvas oxfords from Target
What I wore (f/ top to bottom): channel bow earings,
 floral cardigan - eddie bauer, sheer top - F21,
walmart gold men's watch, F21 cross ring, giani bini purse,
F21 blue leggings, steve madden oxford flats

 Are food even allowed inside the store?

We also went to visit a churchmate who was rushed to the hospital this morning because she couldn't walk. Here in the States, your friends become your instant family. Thank God, she is OK. We were glad to see here back in her apartment. (Ate Cathy, I'll be praying for you.)      

~That was my day. HFK

*Below are photos I posted on Lookbook ( Modeling Krisha's new shoes. :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pochero and etc.

I think every fashionista should know the value of good food as well. I know some may think that is contradictory, since what we see out there are skin and bone models equated to high fashion. Well, unless you are a professional model who actually swears by bolimia and/or smoking (sorry if I'm being judgemental) as an after-meal delight, then please consider that for the real-world fashionista, food is a friend. Enough of the rant, my point is, I am so proud that yesterday I successfully cooked POCHERO. Forgive me again for being egocentric, but don't judge. This is my blog. Pochero, based on what I know, is a viand ( yes, it is best paired with steamed rice) made from tenderized beef drenched in cream of mushroom and milk. Here's what it looks like since my description does not really give justice to the yummy goodness of the dish:

In addition to a victorious cooking session, AR (bf) and I finally went out to dinner last night. And how, timely is it that it was our 50th monthsary--tagal na namin. I say this because it is very rare that we go out to dinner during our monthsaries. Usually, we opt for lunch dates because of class schedules and homework (etc.), but last night we had the chance to go out to dinner. We went to Abuelo's, a Mexican restaurant. My apologies, again, for not taking pictures of what we had--happens all the time when we eat. I'm just such a food lover (in other words, I enjoy eating so much) that I tend to forget all other things when there's food in front of me, all that matters is that I get to devour and give pleasure to my senses, especially that I've never eaten at this restaurant before. But I had a margarita key lime pie and a mucho sangria that we both shared. I'm far from being an alcoholic it's what the pie was named after, I don't know if there's actual margarita in the ingredient. Of course, the sangria is somewhat an alcoholic drink but we SHARED, it was meant as a refresher drink, and I am LEGAL. The reason why I only had dessert is because I already ate pochero. Syempre, I patronized my own cooking beforehand just in case no one else will, as sad as that sounds. Free chips and salsa was also in the house. And I kind of plate-hopped some of AR's food, which was really hot (I meant the dish). I forgot what it's called though. 

A picture taken while we were waiting. The lady said it would take 20 minutes for us to get seated but I think Ar's paawa effect (he brought his "saklay" even if he didn't need it para maawa daw sa kanya ang mga hostesses) was effective.

After dinner, we were supposed to watch a movie with some friends and my sisters, but we we're late for the screening of "The Iron Lady," and we were going to watch "Sherlock Holmes" instead but Chester and Kuya Kin weren't there. So we decided to go back to our humble home and just have a movie night. We rented "I don't know how she does it" and "soul surfer" from the ever convenient Redbox. I liked soul surfer better. So ayun, chill chill lang.

Lastly, my day today was a normal Sunday. You know, went to church went home, nap, dishes, etc.-- tambay mode lang. But every Sunday is still special and very dear to me. Of course, you hear a different sermon every Sunday (hopefully no one out there hears the same over and over again), and Kurt showed up to church today. He had been an absentee, for reasons I leave to him and him alone, for quite a while. It was really a joy seeing him today. We jammed and hung around after church. I think we were the last ones to leave. So, it's a great day still, even if I regretted not going to Ruidoso, NM with the Katalbases to snow tube. On the other hand, my family might just take that trip next weekend, seems like my parents are up and available for it. But we'll see. And I had a healthier dinner tonight to counteract my all-unhealthy diet yesterday. Tonight, I chose to have a self-made salad, no name, I just thought of what flavors I want to marry in my mouth, and voila (with honey mustard dressing for always)! 

Super up-close and personal photo of my dinner, kasi naman ang konti-konti nalang nyan, buti naka picture pa ako. haha

And that was my weekend. HFK

Friday, January 13, 2012

Eto ang feeling ng TAMBAY (excuse my Filipino for those who cannot understand)

So, less than a month ago, I graduated from college with a noble degree in Biology. I can say it is a tough and rough journey to go through, and if i would have the chance to re-live the college moments right from the start I would, honestly, pick a different major. I can remember last month about this time, I could hardly wait to graduate. I even neglect the fact that it was our (me and my bf's) monthsary. But now, after a month, I feel so "tambay." (It means slacker, bum, etc. in English) Maybe because in my mind, I have this layout plan that I would have a job right away. But no. Of course, I applied in some job positions. The waiting (for that call for interview) is just discouraging because you don't know if you're gonna get one. And to top it all off, I feel like my parents (esp. my dad) are pressuring me to get a job and to get one pronto! It's not because we're in dire need of money. It's so that I will be able to earn my own money and start becoming an adult. gaaah! I totally get it, and believe me, it's what I've been wanting to happen. But now I'm still waiting....and waiting..and waiting. It sucks feeling like this, nasabi ko nga sa sarili ko "eto pala ang feeling ng tambay." Another bad side of a slacker, as well, is that right after the rush of buying and giving gifs from the holidays is the sudden urge to keep shopping and getting gifts from and for myself. Wala na ngang work at ginagawa, bili-bili pa ng bili. Halaka! In fairness to me (naman), I've been trying to do some chores around the house and learning how to cook (yes, I am finally learning). But I still feel like a "tambay." I think the only circumstance that will take me away from my current situation and emotion is if I finally get a job. So, please, if you're my kind-hearted friend who's reading this post, please help me look for one, send me a link on FB, I would totally appreciate that.

For now, just like what got me through college, I can only hold on to faith and God's grace. I know this time of break from professional school is God-appointed. And sa loob-loob ko din, I know I need this break. Basta, everything happens for a reason, and if waiting is part of this chapter in my life, I will relax and enjoy the wait. HFK

In the meantime, here are some awesome grad photos (photos taken by my sister Karla Bernal and Tara Caminade):

First of all, what would be more appropriate for this shoot other than a jump shot. right?

I am not a model material person, just so you know...

...but I can be sometimes.

The "guns up" pose, of course!

Even for a posey pose, this seems to be wacky.

Here I go, wacky photos start here.

My famous one-crossed eye facial expression. Can you do that too?

I have no idea what was the cue for this face. LOL. I guess I was just being me.

I am a proud graduate of Texas Tech University.

** My sister caught me on camera: what I was dressed in and looked like while making/tweaking this blog post. hehe

my outfit: chunky, soft, warm white stag bath robe and litas...with sam (macbook)...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus || Spoken Word

I just want to share this video. It's from bball1989 of youtube.


This youtube vlogger is very vigilan. His eloquence and boldness with expressing his faith is just inspiring. I highly recommend that you subscribe to his channel.


I WAS excited for today, for this day. WAS. I had planned to spend most of my day with the BF, but it didn't push through. It's really frustrating and sad. However, I am not going to spill the beans about my personal love life.

Anyway, I bought new shoes today. She is very gorgeous, indeed. Basically, that is the highlight of my day, not quite what I expected but I'm still happy at the end of it all. I'm still alive, right?

The lesson that I've learned is: sometimes, just don't expect too much even if you've planned ahead because there are things that are beyond your control, and if things don't go your way, move on and just be thankful and hopeful. After all, today will soon be gone and there is still another tomorrow. Thus, our date shall be moved tomorrow.

Here she is, such a beauty. 

I asked my sister to break them in ASAP. I was so excited.

 outfit of the day together with the new Litas
I'm also rockin my new fringe.
the complete ensemble.