Saturday, July 7, 2012

Independent Woman

Last Wednesday, we celebrated this nation's Independence. I never really celebrated July 4th because I am not American by descent nor birth. But this year was different, I wanted to celebrate for reasons I wasn't really sure why, at first. However, having time to think about it now...I realize that I wanted to celebrate for the mere reason of being adopted into this wonderful country. America is a great country that many, nowadays, may have taken for granted. Here everyone has the right to freedom.

And in lieu with that, I have decided to put together a red, white and blue outfit to raise our banner. Here's the concept outfit:

Fedora, forever 21, $9.99; RED DIY vest (shirt-to-vest),
Olsenboye; BLUE scalloped tank top, forever 21;
 WHITE shorts, Abercrombie and Fitch; blue
sling bag,  CHAPS; taupe booties, Runway $6.00

This outfit just gives the perfect ensemble needed for a long walk in park, picnic from morning until night, fireworks viewing, and just anything and everything that you would do on a Fourth of July party because fashionable can also be functional. 

A fedora to protect you hair and face from the heat of the sun.

And a few bracelets and cocktail rings to add a little flare,
here and there,won't hurt at all.

These shoes from Runway, has is very affordable
yet has quite an exquisite detailing to them but don't
be deceive they're easy.... so easy to....

... walk around with, to and fro. And with the design,
you won't shy 
away from strutting your stuff.
          I assure you that this outfit just embodies the
       right FREEDOM for the this occasion that you can do
       whatever you want. Even dance in middle of the road.
Warning: photo-blog starts here! :)


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I hope that this outfit will give you future ideas on how to style yourself on occasions such as Independence Day. But remember that fashion also means freedom. So dress accordingly to what makes you feel great, confident and to express yourself and what you are, free to shine and be yourself amongst a world full of pretensions.

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Always Have Faith,
Kat <3


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