Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hint of Red on V-day

So many roses and chocolates and date stories are seen and heard today--2/14/12. As for me, I spent it with people I definitely treasure. It's not like most people wherein they go out to dinner with their love one, I actually spent it with love ones at a church event. We watched a movie--COURAGEOUS. And I highly recommend it to anybody, everybody. 

Again, no red dress. But I did wear a red belt, so just a hint on valentines day. As you all know, this year I wanted to be all lady-like throughout the events that I am attending pertaining to valentines. Thus, the sweetheart necklines (as opposed to red dresses). Pa-sweet effect talaga ang drama ko this year, sweet na heart pa, san ka pa diba?  :)
what i wore:
nude cardigan with sheer back - f/ RUE21
big floral print dress with sweetheart neckline - gift from Krisgel
Vintage nude suede kitten heels - f/ vintage store
black Giani Bini bag (usual/current purse)- f/ Dillards
Accesories: silver charm baracelet w/ my name on it
(f/ A.R.); gold watch; cross ring with crystals (F21);
crystal snowflake choker (resale store); 
Black bow dangling earrings

hype this look!!!! 

yes, i have a sticker on my face.
fave pose of the night.
I wish you can tell how the back of the cardigan is really sheer, which shows a
hint of sexiness as well.

Our own IMAX. In all fairness, ang ganda ng sounds namin.
More movie nights poix!
Mama and tatay
With our Pastor 
Favorite people.
An Origami letter I received a while back from AR,
it makes me realize the effort he has done, which
really matters most.
The best things in life are not that expensive, only extravagant...ACTS
of AFFECTION. My flowers and card for today.

In lieu of happy hearts' day, my heart is happy with this guy. Too bad we only had one
picture for tonight.  

I wish I could say more. But I should be sleeping by now. I feel pretty tonight, not because our Pastor generously complimented at me so, but because I feel loved. 

More to come. ~HFK <3

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