Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Girly look, bodycon skirts, outfit of the day and etc.

Forgive me once again. But I have been trying to keep my life and plans intact for the past week, the reason why I went on a blog fasting. Now I'm back with photos of outfits to share and what I think about them.

Personally, I think I've mastered the art of the "girly" look--you know the full skirt, tucked in top with a cardigan and very ladylike shoes. It's probably my go to outfit when I don't want to experiment, my lazy day get-up.
What I wore to church last sunday, inspired by pastel colors and the upcoming spring season.
Ali's Camaro-- he didn't know we were using it as a prop.
floral Eddie Bauer cardigan (big flowers) over tiny printed floral top/tunic from F21,
Round pleated silk skirt from F21, vintage sling, muted.nude pink shoes from Rouge

 Lately I've also been wearing bodycon skirts a lot, with loose/flowy tops. I just feel like they keep you so chic and subtly sexy without over-showing skin, yet laid back but still put together. They're just so versatile that you can either dress them up or down just by changing the shoes, and top (if needed). So "anne curtis-ish" type of style. And it has been warm last week so I wore them a lot. Plus, now, they have them in stripes, patterned or just plain.
I actually wore the scarf as a headband earlier for
a BOHO look. Stiped bodycon skirt from

I did not have a colored outfit of the day picture that day. Plain cobalt skirt from F21. 
Another print on print. And my most worn/recent
fave bodycon skirt from Blooms. It has a discrete
aztech print going on.
 Wednesdays are wednesdates for me. Below are my photos of what I wore to lunch and errands with boyfie today. He told me that he likes it if I pull my hair up, wear a plain yet eye-catching shirt, accessorized less, and wore flats. The jacket I wore here is one his fave piece that I own, but i rarely wear. I think he kinda likes simple but edgy look. I guess, less is more. And I've been told that I should just keep it simple because it brings out the real beauty in me. *blushes*

My sister's idea to use my dad's new car as a prop.
Just a simple watch from Anne Klein and current fave sling
from Talbots.
The muted pink boots are compromise for less accessories.
I also wore a silver beaded bracelet with my name on it from AR and a
choker with rhinestones that I found at a local thrift store.
Happy? They say, you have to only try to look good to please your
partner and not any other guy. Hence..

With much love, and more to come ~~HFK <3

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