Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bumming around

For most of us, we do not have fancy meetings to go to. We are not professional "kikays," but we would like to embody a good sense of style in our day to day, mundane activities. However, it is also perefctly understandable that most of us, are just lounging around because we are jobless and soul-searching (like me) or because we are busy and dedicated students. Therefore, there is no reason, really, to get all dolled up. This is how I felt the other day. Although we are all entitled to how we want to dress, regardless of what and where we're going, there are just days when we are bumming around--you know, those lazy days. In the past week, the temperature have just been dropping here in Lubbock. It's like winter had just arrived, and spring had just gone by. Weird.

The other day, it rained. Something that doesn't happen very often in our place. I was thankful but it was cold.

what i wore:
stud earings - f21
handkerchief scarf - goodwill
 blue violet knit long sleeves - salvation army
silver watch
extra long cardigan - trend me
black jeggings with sipper detailing - f21
black socks - dad's closet
black wedges - shoe carnival

I've always known and thought that I couldn't wear extra long cardigans due to the fact that I'm short (5 flat lang po). Until I decided to just wear it anyway. There is something about leather jackets and pea coats that makes me feel so formal. And since I really felt like just wearing more relaxed yet bundled up clothes that day. I decided to keep them in the realm of knits and cottons. To counter off the height issue, I had to wear platforms or heels of some sort, but I did not dare to strut the Litas that day, so opted for wedges and just wore the same color of trouser socks underneath (from dad's closet) in order to keep my pedis warm. And there ya go, a trick to have instant booties. In fairness to an experimental, I-could-only-careless outfit, it served it's purpose--to keep me warm yet still stylish.

more to come. ~HFK <3

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