Saturday, February 11, 2012

Job hunt

So, a week ago, I went on a job hunt. I sent out two applications in one day. My dad informed me that people with a degree in Biology are on the top 6% of the country's employed. Unfortunately, to this day, I am unemployed which makes blogging, lookbooking, lounging and ,just basically, bumming around hard sometimes. I always carry the guilt that I haven't fully brought the bacon back to my parents, as if suffering the tormenting science courses in four long years has not been enough. But part of me still enjoys the sabbatical time.

This look has been posted in lookbook. But here are more photos I couldn't put to waste.

what I wore:
sunglasses - DILLARDS
Shell earing - Krisha's gift
wooden dove and flower semi choker necklace - F21
floral printed navy blue button down shirt - Rainbow
Burgundy blazer - Bloom
Weave strapped watch - Target (Mossimo)
Gianni Bini Black purse - Dillards
Distressed jeans - F21
Black Missoni 80's pumps - Target
metal flower ring - tiangge (f/ the Philippines)

Who says you have to be boring once you are obliged to enter the adult world? The red blazer still screams professional but it gives you character. Try using blazers/dress shirts that are beyond the hues of black, grey and white. Now, I know the distressed jeans are unprofessional, but for me, I was just filling out applications, and I did not want to intimidate my future employers by dressing up too much, especially if they are fashionably rocking scrub suits. Plus, again, it gives me character--something to be remembered by.

More to come. ~HFK <3

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