Thursday, January 26, 2012

Armnaments and TB test

My favorite stackable baracelets, it started with 5 then now there's just plenty of them. I go to this local thrift store every once in a while and I don't know what it is but I always seem to find these type wooden/beaded bracelets. And ever since I've been into layering accessories. My very first attempts were started off with these pieces since they're not too overpowering and intimidating. Therefore, they have become my faves. I wonder who owns these? Or do they belong to one person? Hmmm? And yes, that it a hair tie right there.

I never thought I would wear this year so much. I just bought it because I saw it on a F21 counter while I was checking out. But this ring seems to give your outfit a fresh look, specially when you're all bundled up in black/whites/neutral because you're trying to keep warm from a cold, windy weather. I think because it looks like one fancy hard candy, sometimes I just want to chew on it. Just kidding! In fashion, we just have to be open-minded and adventurous, then we're up for more surprises. We just have to invest in a good amount of self-confidence and self-expression.

Speaking of arm, I took a TB test yesterday. No, I am not sick. I needed it because I'm going to start volunteering for Ronald McDonald's next Monday and they require a current test. And it's starting to itch, I am so tempted to scratch it as that is one of my bad habits. But I'm fighting it. I think if it turns red you're negative. yeah?

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