Sunday, January 22, 2012

Super Bowl

The hallmarks of my weekend: few good realizations and the learning of the sport, bowling. This blog shouldn't be lengthy. First off, I was contemplating a lot about my future plans and deadlines I need to meet. There's this stubbornness in me, most of the time, that I just keep putting things a la manana. I don't know. I'm a walking delaying tactic, for things that seem too big of a task, for me. You know, I dream and dream and dream a lot, but no action towards that dream. And then, last night it came to me:  set things in (better) perspective. This is your life: are you who you want to be? Hence, I'm going to work on this, seriously. (Pray, for me, I really need it.) My friends, tell me to relax. In all honesty, I have been, and I need to get things moving. In this fast-paced life, you have to catch up with time. Though sometimes, I hope that time will slow down, but not here in America. All I know is, with God's help and guidance, I will do what I can and he will take care of the rest. After all, dreams are meant to be goals and inspiration that you have to pursue. They won't magically happen by themselves. For now, I will carry on with my to-do list, as mentioned in my earlier post. But if the winds shift and He has other plans for me, I will gladly accept it, as long as the go signal is from Him. I'm not trying to be corny here, but I have very strong feelings and views towards my faith--coz when all else fail, that's all I have, my God. So I might not be able to blog everyday, but it's okay, I can always do it the old-fashioned way: pen and paper. I mean, the point of me blogging is to speak my mind, and there are several ways to do that. At this point, my focus is: to keep busy.

On the lighter note, last Saturday, we had a family bowling fest for church. And it was fun!!! I mean it. I have always found bowling "boring" because I could not play the game. So whenever friends decide to go bowl, I just play for the sake of playing but I never really enjoyed the experience. However, last weekend was different. To make the long story short, I discovered that it was my footwork that was incorrect--when I changed it, made a world of difference for me. Thanks to my dad, love you! We played for 3 hours straight, my right-hand/back was sore already, and we didn't even notice the time.

In totality, this weekend was the bomb for me: super BOWL thoughts and super BOWL fun!

Sporting the collar I revamped to a necklace
Thanks claire for the sporty watch, perfect for the occasion,
and Tita Te (Ar's mom) for the dainty and edgy clutch
that's perfect for the outfit.
What I wore last saturday to bowling: minus the heels,
the collar and the clutch. I wore my gold TOMS and my
current fave all-around purse by Giani Bini.
Sisters (Karla and Krisha) and AR
These are 5 havles? LOL
The sixes were smaller, but we dealt with it.
Action Scene: everyone's so into it. Love it! 
Oha! :D

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