Friday, January 13, 2012

Eto ang feeling ng TAMBAY (excuse my Filipino for those who cannot understand)

So, less than a month ago, I graduated from college with a noble degree in Biology. I can say it is a tough and rough journey to go through, and if i would have the chance to re-live the college moments right from the start I would, honestly, pick a different major. I can remember last month about this time, I could hardly wait to graduate. I even neglect the fact that it was our (me and my bf's) monthsary. But now, after a month, I feel so "tambay." (It means slacker, bum, etc. in English) Maybe because in my mind, I have this layout plan that I would have a job right away. But no. Of course, I applied in some job positions. The waiting (for that call for interview) is just discouraging because you don't know if you're gonna get one. And to top it all off, I feel like my parents (esp. my dad) are pressuring me to get a job and to get one pronto! It's not because we're in dire need of money. It's so that I will be able to earn my own money and start becoming an adult. gaaah! I totally get it, and believe me, it's what I've been wanting to happen. But now I'm still waiting....and waiting..and waiting. It sucks feeling like this, nasabi ko nga sa sarili ko "eto pala ang feeling ng tambay." Another bad side of a slacker, as well, is that right after the rush of buying and giving gifs from the holidays is the sudden urge to keep shopping and getting gifts from and for myself. Wala na ngang work at ginagawa, bili-bili pa ng bili. Halaka! In fairness to me (naman), I've been trying to do some chores around the house and learning how to cook (yes, I am finally learning). But I still feel like a "tambay." I think the only circumstance that will take me away from my current situation and emotion is if I finally get a job. So, please, if you're my kind-hearted friend who's reading this post, please help me look for one, send me a link on FB, I would totally appreciate that.

For now, just like what got me through college, I can only hold on to faith and God's grace. I know this time of break from professional school is God-appointed. And sa loob-loob ko din, I know I need this break. Basta, everything happens for a reason, and if waiting is part of this chapter in my life, I will relax and enjoy the wait. HFK

In the meantime, here are some awesome grad photos (photos taken by my sister Karla Bernal and Tara Caminade):

First of all, what would be more appropriate for this shoot other than a jump shot. right?

I am not a model material person, just so you know...

...but I can be sometimes.

The "guns up" pose, of course!

Even for a posey pose, this seems to be wacky.

Here I go, wacky photos start here.

My famous one-crossed eye facial expression. Can you do that too?

I have no idea what was the cue for this face. LOL. I guess I was just being me.

I am a proud graduate of Texas Tech University.

** My sister caught me on camera: what I was dressed in and looked like while making/tweaking this blog post. hehe

my outfit: chunky, soft, warm white stag bath robe and litas...with sam (macbook)...

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