Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I was going to take a rain check on blogging today due to an anticipated heartbreak (once again, I won't be spilling the beans). 

You know how sometimes life catches you off guard, I really wasn't off guard, but there are still some things out there that will just cheer you up no matter how down you are. For me, I have been harnessing my unfortunate emotions towards things that inspire me both now--such as fashion and music--and for the future--my own future, for myself not for anyone or with anyone else. Call me selfish but I think it's about that time that I see myself as an individual not accountable for anyone else but for my own. What set the limits for me, really, are people around. I have grown up to be such a people pleaser and always find myself being frustrated because I did not end up happy even when everybody else did. I have been selfless, maybe too much. I don't want to be arrogant or rude to the people that I love for making this choice, but I want to enjoy life for once. Like what has been said, you cannot give what you do not have. So, in this phase of my life, I want to do just that. No offense meant to anyone. Of course, with limitations from parents' instructions and with guidance from God. All I'm asking is the freedom to learn from my mistakes, to discover new things further from the horizon that my parents have marked, to go places I've only dreamt of treading--just simply freedom to my own. I want to fulfill and unfold each dream and aspiration one layer at a time. After all, being ambitious is a trait I got from my Father. 
A man without ambition is dead.- Pearl Bailey

Speaking of layers, today's inspiration is just that. Layering, not clothes, jewelry

layering-necklaces: happiness from F21; two-tiered necklace
f/ F21; and charm necklace made by Yours Truly
Layering-bracelets: bangle (gift);
beaded and yarn with a heartpendant (thrifted);
 pandora-like (gift); multi-colored yarn (tiangge)
Layering-rings: Cross (unisilver); metal flower
(market in the Philippines);
Owl (F21); dolphin and chain (unisilver)

Annie said, "You're never fully dressed without a smile." I could not help but agree to that. Yet there are days when it's hard to smile, so accessorize
*tip: Say you don't want to to be too overdressed yet you still want to look fashionable and put together, bring a kikay bag of accessories just in case of fashion emergencies, and stow it inside your current purse for convenience. O diba? So that next time you find yourself in an underdressed situation (tapos all the other girls are more bongga than you are), you can just pull that kikay bag out and check what you can add to level-up your outfit. ~HFK

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