Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Print on Print

Print on print. Today, we (Krisha, Karla and I) went to Walmart for dogfood and notebooks. But we ended up shopping for more food for our hungry stomachs under our parents' tab (sorry, Ma and Tay). I guess we were all contemplating about food so much that even a box of cereal sounded so appealing, which is why we thought we needed two boxes. OOPS! Shopping with an empty stomach = bad idea!
This could be a good metaphor for the fashion trend print on print. I will expound below.

Supposedly a candid shot (ehehehh). Karla was looking at the
camera. Thus, the blurred chinky face.
Pose by the dog food. While Krisha looks for a notebook. Yeah, we
totally forgot about it because we were so enthusiastic about food
She always gets HOT CHEETOS, it's her fave.

Stripes and Zig-zags

Print on Print. Makes your outfit speak for itself. It used to be a fashion crime but not it screams fun with a little bit of mystery. When the print of your top is not enough, let the bottom speak up. Just like when we came for one thing (in the grocery store) but ended with all other things, same with print over print--you mean one thing but others may interpret a whole new story. It may be a good thing or bad, but you definitely made that impression. And as they all say, you need not to explain to people who know and love you well. ~HFK

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