Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pochero and etc.

I think every fashionista should know the value of good food as well. I know some may think that is contradictory, since what we see out there are skin and bone models equated to high fashion. Well, unless you are a professional model who actually swears by bolimia and/or smoking (sorry if I'm being judgemental) as an after-meal delight, then please consider that for the real-world fashionista, food is a friend. Enough of the rant, my point is, I am so proud that yesterday I successfully cooked POCHERO. Forgive me again for being egocentric, but don't judge. This is my blog. Pochero, based on what I know, is a viand ( yes, it is best paired with steamed rice) made from tenderized beef drenched in cream of mushroom and milk. Here's what it looks like since my description does not really give justice to the yummy goodness of the dish:

In addition to a victorious cooking session, AR (bf) and I finally went out to dinner last night. And how, timely is it that it was our 50th monthsary--tagal na namin. I say this because it is very rare that we go out to dinner during our monthsaries. Usually, we opt for lunch dates because of class schedules and homework (etc.), but last night we had the chance to go out to dinner. We went to Abuelo's, a Mexican restaurant. My apologies, again, for not taking pictures of what we had--happens all the time when we eat. I'm just such a food lover (in other words, I enjoy eating so much) that I tend to forget all other things when there's food in front of me, all that matters is that I get to devour and give pleasure to my senses, especially that I've never eaten at this restaurant before. But I had a margarita key lime pie and a mucho sangria that we both shared. I'm far from being an alcoholic it's what the pie was named after, I don't know if there's actual margarita in the ingredient. Of course, the sangria is somewhat an alcoholic drink but we SHARED, it was meant as a refresher drink, and I am LEGAL. The reason why I only had dessert is because I already ate pochero. Syempre, I patronized my own cooking beforehand just in case no one else will, as sad as that sounds. Free chips and salsa was also in the house. And I kind of plate-hopped some of AR's food, which was really hot (I meant the dish). I forgot what it's called though. 

A picture taken while we were waiting. The lady said it would take 20 minutes for us to get seated but I think Ar's paawa effect (he brought his "saklay" even if he didn't need it para maawa daw sa kanya ang mga hostesses) was effective.

After dinner, we were supposed to watch a movie with some friends and my sisters, but we we're late for the screening of "The Iron Lady," and we were going to watch "Sherlock Holmes" instead but Chester and Kuya Kin weren't there. So we decided to go back to our humble home and just have a movie night. We rented "I don't know how she does it" and "soul surfer" from the ever convenient Redbox. I liked soul surfer better. So ayun, chill chill lang.

Lastly, my day today was a normal Sunday. You know, went to church went home, nap, dishes, etc.-- tambay mode lang. But every Sunday is still special and very dear to me. Of course, you hear a different sermon every Sunday (hopefully no one out there hears the same over and over again), and Kurt showed up to church today. He had been an absentee, for reasons I leave to him and him alone, for quite a while. It was really a joy seeing him today. We jammed and hung around after church. I think we were the last ones to leave. So, it's a great day still, even if I regretted not going to Ruidoso, NM with the Katalbases to snow tube. On the other hand, my family might just take that trip next weekend, seems like my parents are up and available for it. But we'll see. And I had a healthier dinner tonight to counteract my all-unhealthy diet yesterday. Tonight, I chose to have a self-made salad, no name, I just thought of what flavors I want to marry in my mouth, and voila (with honey mustard dressing for always)! 

Super up-close and personal photo of my dinner, kasi naman ang konti-konti nalang nyan, buti naka picture pa ako. haha

And that was my weekend. HFK

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