Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm back.

After the long hiatus to blogging, I've finally found the guts to make a come back. And now, my new venture is blogger.com. I'm saying goodbye to the corkiness of tumblr, although I might pay a visit every once in a while--the widgets and flickrs are just adorable. New google e-mail, new youtube, hence, new blog. Why? Because I'm all set for a new journey. I've just graduated less than a month ago. I do not know what is yet to happen but I have a list of things-to-do: review for MCAT, apply for medical school and PA school, volunteer and shadow, find a job and...self-retrospection and reflection. Yes, it's that phase. And there something about speaking my mind that keeps my sanity intact and saves others from my craziness. So I'm back with a whole new adventure. I should brace my self.

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