Monday, January 16, 2012


I had another insomniac night last night. I was chatting with a friend, getting informed about "missions." And I was on the keys, trying to come up with a song--so far all I have is the chord progression. I really want to write another song that will inspire me to sing again. I mean, I'm still singing but I feel like I need to set myself on fire again. So, I'm praying that God will give me a new, sweeter song to sing.

In effect of going to bed early, as in early morning, I woke up late--totally unproductive. So today, was yet another tambay day for me. I'm really desperate for a job these days because I was also online earlier today processing my exit loan papers, which means I need to be paying those off soon. Not really, my parents are. But I just wanna feel like I'm of use, and not just nagpapakasarap at walang ginagawa. So that, they'll not regret sending me to a good university. Or maybe, I'm just like my dad, I can't be not doing anything, I need to always be on the go, go, go. Anyways...

Since Mama was also off from work today, we decided to get ourselves froyo (she got a Mc Frappe from McDonald's--her fave).  Karla's not feeling too well, so she decided to stay home.

                                                   My froyo                                         Krisha's froyo

Then we did a little window shopping--a little bit can go a long way sometimes. That being said, Krisha brought a new pair of Madden wedges. I, on the other hand, have succeeded in retail starvation--I said "NO" to a pair of black pumps with oversized bows on the toe caps (haay!!). It was so hard because it was totally classy, and I happen to not own a pair of black pumps anymore. But I'm giving myself a pat on the back for not giving in. (yay, me!)

what Krisha wore (f/ top to bottom): F21 necklaces,
thrifted striped top, silver men's watch from walmart,
gaga ring from F21, nude pink leather jacket from Dillards,
Giani Bini purse, F21 jeans, canvas oxfords from Target
What I wore (f/ top to bottom): channel bow earings,
 floral cardigan - eddie bauer, sheer top - F21,
walmart gold men's watch, F21 cross ring, giani bini purse,
F21 blue leggings, steve madden oxford flats

 Are food even allowed inside the store?

We also went to visit a churchmate who was rushed to the hospital this morning because she couldn't walk. Here in the States, your friends become your instant family. Thank God, she is OK. We were glad to see here back in her apartment. (Ate Cathy, I'll be praying for you.)      

~That was my day. HFK

*Below are photos I posted on Lookbook ( Modeling Krisha's new shoes. :)

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