Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Together with this new blog, I've just re-connected with my account too. I've been posting older looks--outfits I've worn in the past month, or in that case year. Just to kind of allow myself to showcase what I've been wearing and how it will improve or regress this year. We'll see. :} So far, I can say, I have a diverse sense of style. I wear clothes depending on the errand that I will be doing on that day, on the mood that I'm in, and the climate that Lubbock is having that day (it gets crazy, everyday can be different--nay, for bipolar climate). But lately, my mom tells me that my choice of clothes has become more mature, and I cannot help but agree to that. Also, let's see which trends I follow. Knowing my current fancies, I would probably gravitate towards assymetrical cuts, chiffon or silk fabrics, drapey silhouettes, and basic styles. Then again, we'll see. I might still get BIG on the fashion trends this year.

The latest look I've posted. Still warming up eh? the key feature is the electric blue (yes, it is supposedly) trousers. Story behind is that I got on sale but it was a size up than what I usually wear so I sew the waist band. Turns out I've sewn it too tight for easy breezy hip maneuver. So I might re-sow it tomorrow. Yeah, I was totally bummed. I've wasted my time. There ya go.

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