Monday, January 23, 2012

Job hunt and style board

Today, AR and I had a great, heart-to-heart, serious talk over chinese buffet, then he accompanied me to a job hunting escapade. Full of apprehension for I really did not know if it's just like in the Philippines: you walk in and inquire if there's an opening. I took chances. At first, I felt like I was going to embarrass myself but not after the first stop. We went to a few labs. I filled one application out. The other one said the position I was looking for was already filled. And another one said I can file an online application and they will contact me when a spot opens. (Lord, ano ba talaga?) 
If Sammy Davis has a "mood board," I have an "inspiration sheet?" I don't know. But I'm actually thinking of starting a new "thing" such as taking photos of clothes that I will soon be styling--such as above--pre-Lookbook. This will keep me inspired, motivated and creative. I'm not materialistic by any means. As a matter of fact, I'm a bargain shopper most, if not all, of the time because I don't think you have to always spend a lot in order to look good or presentable. You just have to express yourself and be creative, most of all be NEAT and CLEAN. For times like these, I just need to keep my mind going in order for my brain cells to not hibernate. I've always believe that an artistic mind is an explorative mind, therefore, it is always coming up with great ideas.
Karla on the left and Me on the right--doing our TaeBo
In lieu of inspiration, motivation and creativity, my sisters and I have this one-month-goal: to get back in shape. Krisha and I have this no meat (except seafood) challenge for a month~let's see how far we get. Karla and I started working out again. After a month we'll see if we've succeeded or not.
As the Bible says, "an idle mind is the devil's playground."
So keep those neurons workin'.

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